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New Home

So welcome to the new home of [email protected], the minimalistic CMS made by.. well me :-)

Lets clear up a few things. I was supposed to release the new version of [email protected] with the arrival of this domain, this didn’t happen.

The new version will have quite a few improvements along with an alternate theme and may be even AJAX. Who knows? :P One thing it won’t have a set of emotes. In true [email protected] fashion, this site has to remain geeky and ASCII emotes are certainly the way ;)

Moving on, why this domain name? For those who don’t

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WhatPulse data parse class

On 10th of December, 2008, 2 days before my Computer Networks paper I made a WhatPulse class in php to get data from the WhatPulse WebAPI for you to work with. With the information at your finger tips make a forum signature, why don’t you? ;) I’ve added a few functions to the class and written a small example for people to use. Most people must have it already because the WebAPI came out around 2 years ago but in case there is someone who doesn’t have caching of the WhatPulse data then this is useful.

Caching of data means

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Command Line e-mailing

Ever wanted to send a quick email but then though, “nah.. cba to open my inbox right now”?

Now you can send emails via command line! It doesn’t have to be installed though you could do so if you please. I give you Blat!

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PPC Reviver!

I should officially be named the PPC hack king when it comes down to recovering them from positions where it seems they might be bricked :P

I installed a custom cooked WM6 ROM for my Wizard (I-Mate K-JAM) and then moved to a second custom ROM, which quite sadly, crashed. This time it got stuck in the IPL/SPL load screen so here is what you do when you’re in such a dilemma.

Remove your battery and then insert it again so now your device is off. Then press the power button + camera button and the phone will start off

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Hard resetting the Wizard

The term “Wizard” refers to the HTC Wizard which is a Windows Mobile sold by companies like I-Mate and O2.

Now the manual simply states that one should press the communications and voice buttons simultaneously and then press the reset key with your stylus. Well I can say honestly, that didn’t work for me.

Here is how you can really hard reset your HTC Wizard. I personally was using my I-Mate K-JAM. Before reading the following, make sure you read the warnings given below and the disclaimer while you’re at it.

  1. Take your stylus and press and

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UAC = false;

So finally I got bugged with UAC enough to switch it off a few weeks back. Not all of it though. Just the module for approval from an admin and the elevation without prompting. Here is how you can do it.

Click Start > Type “local” and enter (to open Local Security Policy) > Local Policies > Security Options > Browse down to the set of UAC controls.

Now I disabled the “User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account” and set the “User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode”

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The Undeletables

I had to reinstall vista once and so vista copied its already existing files into Windows.old like any other decent OS does. This was of course a move to help me keep the data I already had in C drive at that time.

Now that my work with it was done, I couldn’t delete it. UAC was constantly telling me I didn’t have the rights to do so. The sad part is that I am the administrator and those files aren’t of any use to me. I tried switching off UAC but that requires a reboot so I started

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The Vista Experience

I’m on Windows Vista Ultimate right now and here is what I feel. Its a really good OS since it performs quite well if you have a good box like mine (good being an understatement to most). But the problem is its extremely freakishly irritating rights system. I haven’t really looked around that much but I hate it when i have to confirm every rename 3 times. One for some permissions system and one whether I should allow this action by an “Unauthorized user” I hope they have a setting saying “Allow the administrator to do what he wants” because

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Uptime Challenge

There is a Plus! scripting competition going on that the entire community knows about. With t-shirts for all participants, there have been over 70 entries in 3 weeks. There are only 4 days to go so despite my exams, here is my shot at the competition.

I don’t want to give away much right now but all I can say is its a project that uses JavaScript, Delphi, PHP and mySQL. I don’t think any other script uses all 4 so far. Of course I have my favourite Boca Juniors fan doing the Delphi hax.

Soon you shall see the

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New beginnings

Here it is, the launch of my new site. What is to come, you shall see. I’ve been working on this despite my exams going on cause i wanted to complete this project. I’ve wanted to do this forever now.

Thanks to dt and segosa for their help over the past few days. I may add a new interface but I’d like to keep this one for now, its my first creation from scratch. It will stay at least till the end of exams.

This is going to be different from Jatonian Life How exactly, you ask?

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