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Apple Wheel: Is this meant to be a joke?

First of all, I should say, the only source I have is this youtube video.

Apple wheel is a “revolutionary” laptop with no keyboard, just a giant scroll wheel :| I kid you not, that’s what it says :-/

The guy in that video apparently took 45 minutes to type a mail (with a million mistakes) and he still likes the product… jeez. I like write a few hundred lines of code in that time :|

Me and SK call this Apple’s Reality Distortion Field. This is single handedly the shittiest technological innovation I have seen in my time on this planet. I’m sure there might be something equally (or may be more) stupid in the past but this certainly is the stupidest thing I have heard of in the mainstream.

It looks seriously slim. I think it was a 12 odd inch form factor which is cool. Its nice to see Apple put stuff in such compact spaces but the idea of removing a key board all together, to me at least, is JUST WRONG! Typing on that machine would be next to impossible. Using it would be really cumbersome too. You want the “next generation” of Hardware User Interfaces? Go Touch Screen. Go take a page from Microsoft’s book (Windows 7, to be precise).

The worst part is that Apple Fanboys are loving it :-/ I admit, I am a slight Microsoft Fanboy. I do like their work but this does not, in any way, mean that if they pull of something as stupid as this, I wouldn’t slap them to oblivion.

Please continue doing what you do best. Keep making products like the new MacBook Pro 17, the MacBook Air and the iPod Classic/iPod Touch/iPhone. Thanks! :)

Bad Apple! :(

Created: 22nd February 2009
Category: Review
Tags: Apple, Fail, New Technology