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PPC Reviver!

I should officially be named the PPC hack king when it comes down to recovering them from positions where it seems they might be bricked :P

I installed a custom cooked WM6 ROM for my Wizard (I-Mate K-JAM) and then moved to a second custom ROM, which quite sadly, crashed. This time it got stuck in the IPL/SPL load screen so here is what you do when you’re in such a dilemma.

Remove your battery and then insert it again so now your device is off. Then press the power button + camera button and the phone will start off in boot loader mode. Then get an official ROM and install it. A custom one should too assuming it has the ability to talk to phones in the boot loader (which almost all of the ROMs should imo).

Have a good night ya’ll ;)

Created: 16th September 2007
Category: Hacks
Tag: Windows Mobile