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New Home

So welcome to the new home of j@x, the minimalistic CMS made by.. well me :-)

Lets clear up a few things. I was supposed to release the new version of j@x with the arrival of this domain, this didn’t happen.

The new version will have quite a few improvements along with an alternate theme and may be even AJAX. Who knows? :P One thing it won’t have a set of emotes. In true j@x fashion, this site has to remain geeky and ASCII emotes are certainly the way ;)

Moving on, why this domain name? For those who don’t know, I, John Anderton/JAnderton am known in the real world (IRL) as Karun AB.

So why did I get this domain? Jatonian Life has always been and will always be a blog. This on the other hand is far more technical (a bit too technical I’ve been told :P) so I decided to maintain it separately.

Basically karunab.com will act as my

  1. Place for putting out my technical writings
  2. List of all my projects and works (ie. the ones available to the public :P)
  3. Sort of an online resume for me.

Not to mention I can now have an awesome email address on my domain :P

I wish I could have more time to develop j@x to the fullest extents of my imagination. Every time I sit with it, I get new ideas so its really fun. I’d like to take this site a long way.. so it can represent me electronically or at least attempt to come as close to it as possible.

Do stick around and show your appreciation. It only urges me to move forward quicker with my work :)

PS: I’d just like all of you to know that team SKAN has made it to the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2008 India Finals! You can read about it on the AXIS forum. Hurrah!

Also, you can have a look at a related post on Jatonian Life (named Day of Reckoning approaches)

Created: 9th April 2008
Category: News
Tags: Imagine Cup, SKAN