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Team SKAN: Enpower

Its been a long road going through the SDI National Finals where we came second, going to IIM-A where we got project incubation and then finally to the World Finals where we won the interoperability award. Along the way, we made lots of new friends and learned a whole lot more.

Here are a few related posts on my blog: Imagine Cup 2008 World Finals and Imagine Cup 2008 Gallery. Be sure to check out the latter post which has never before seen footage.

Another announcement to be made is that the development for my custom CMS j@x has been put to halt indefinitely due to shortage of time. As have a few other projects like Scribble Scrabble. Some of them, I’ve signed over control to other AXIS members while others (like PHPIRCBot) shall be released in their current state. This decision had to be made considering my schedule over the past year only keeps getting busier and busier.

Next month, I’ll make sure I tell the world about a few products I have under development and others I have ready in my garage ;) The releases include DarkLight, PHPIRCBot and a brand new CountPrime.

Created: 21st August 2008
Category: Development
Tags: Imagine Cup, Project