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WhatPulse data parse class

On 10th of December, 2008, 2 days before my Computer Networks paper I made a WhatPulse class in php to get data from the WhatPulse WebAPI for you to work with. With the information at your finger tips make a forum signature, why don’t you? ;) I’ve added a few functions to the class and written a small example for people to use. Most people must have it already because the WebAPI came out around 2 years ago but in case there is someone who doesn’t have caching of the WhatPulse data then this is useful.

Caching of data means lesser resources used by your php script to a) Read from the WhatPulse server. b) Write to the server’s hard-disk. c) Use the server’s tubes (even though the xml is less than a kilobyte).

So what are you waiting for? Go have a look ;) WhatPulse.class.php on svn WhatPulse_example.php on svn

My WhatPulse profile

PS: This whole thing started with me updating to WhatPulse 1.5b1 after noticing that the WhatPulse team wasn’t going to release any more betas any time soon and the fact that I am currently 18th in the world :-o! (in keystrokes) More such releases to come soon. I’m planning to have a collection in the dev section. I make tons of useless scripts in php. Might as well put them up just in case someone finds them useful ;)

Everything written in this post except this line and the first line were written 2 months ago. I just didn’t put it up for so long :-(

Created: 2nd February 2008
Category: Development
Tags: PHP, Whatpulse