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Windows File Sharing: Add/Remove folders via Command Line

Your first thought on reading this probably is “Why in the world would I need to do that?” Well, I would have thought of it the same way a week back. But it seems some times, Windows does not want to give access to certain features such as Advanced File Sharing options. It states that the administrator on my machine has disallowed this operation. Guess what? I’m the only administrator on this machine! Since I was unable to find the option to get that feature working, I decided to resort to some good old Command Line usage :)

To remove

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Torrenting on Linux

rutorrent webUI

As of today, the primary OS on my laptop is Ubuntu and since torrenting is a good way to get open source applications (such as Eclipse), I thought I should definitely invest the time to get a decent torrent client. I’m not saying that Transmission isn’t a good client. I certainly can’t say that since I haven’t used it for more than 5 minutes. I simply lacks umph. It really doesn’t impress me as much as uTorrent does on Windows. So let’s look for an alternative client.

Using uTorrent with Wine is always a popular option, one most Windows to Linux converts happily embrace. Let’s face it, uTorrent is awesome. But I really wanted to embrace Linux which for me meant to stop using the mouse and GUI as much as possible (not that difficult for me) and getting used to native applications rather than applications via Wine. This meant no more uTorrent for torrenting and no more mIRC :( The alternative I settled for came highly recommended by quite a few users. And oh, look at that, it’s terminal based. Of course, I’m talking about rTorrent ;)

I have tried to install rTorrent before and failed. This time around, I had managed to get rTorrent to install and work fine but I couldn’t get a webUI for it to work. So I had dt walk me through the process. I’ll try to document as much of it as possible to help users going through the same issue.

If you want to see a couple of screen shots of the end result before beginning, visit the rutorrent website and check out the screen shots. The best part about it is the tracker based, per torrent and global settings along with the pretty amazing traffic plug-in which gives your multiple (group) views of your traffic statistics. It’s pretty cool ;)

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File list generator v1.1

On a lazy Sunday afternoon when you’ve got nothing better to do, you either write rather useless scripts or update them. I chose to do the latter.

The file list generation script I wrote some time back was mainly to generate a list of movies I have. When I generated a list of all the HD movies I have on disk, I realized, my list was being ruined by loads of sample files which escape the file filter because they are the same extension as the videos themselves. So I decided to

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Playing videos in RAR archives

A lot of people today download videos (TV shows and movies) off the internet using torrents or Usenet. Most sources pack the videos in multi-part RAR archives to minimize loss in case of error prone transfer. Though this does not make much sense usually on protocols such as the bittorrent protocol but it does on the scene where data is transferred using FTP. In such cases, you are left with a lot of rar files that you have to keep (if you’re seeding on trackers) and extract every time you want to play them.

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Clean File List Generation with PowerShell Script

I have a whole load of movies that I’d like to generate a list of. I considered writing a batch script but it didn’t really do something I needed. I ended up writing my first regular use (non test) PowerScript and here’s how.

My first requirement was to list all my 1080p movies and for the list to leave out all the subtitles. So I was looking for a function to list files (dir in command prompt did that :)) and then remove files by extension. As it turned out, I could list files of a certain extension but not

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Trying Minefield 3.7a1pre

Ever since I started using Win7 (first public beta) I have liked one thing about Internet Explorer that Firefox couldn’t do. This was the ability to use Win7’s Aero prowess completely rendering each tab in the Aero preview for Firefox. At the time, Microsoft hadn’t come out with the Win7 UX Interaction Guide but it’s been out for a few months and I was quite disappointed that Mozilla didn’t jump at the opportunity to release an upgrade.

A couple of weeks back, I saw screen shots of my friends’ browsers and noticed they were using Minefield. They confirmed

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MP!L Forum Elite Member

You might have heard about Messenger Plus! Live, a Windows Live Messenger add-on that has over 62 million users already. I’ve been on their support forum for nearly 5 years now and been a beta tester for nearly 2 years.

Early on the morning of the 27th of October I stumbled upon a thread simply titled “New Elite Members” and I found this interesting since it was the first time in my 5 years on the forum that new additions to the staff were being made. I opened it to see who the lucky people were. I

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Windows 7 Launch Party

Windows 7 Launch Party is a party organized by individuals in their homes, offices or other commercial venues celebrating the launch of Windows 7 and showing off its prowess. Its being done through the House Party website and the only reason its not called that is because Microsoft didn’t want to restrict the venue to homes. Great PR is what I say.

Why am I giving you stale news? Well, this isn’t really news but I applied around the first week of September got selected first as a candidate host then got a confirmed host status. Last night I

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Anonymous Microsoft Developer opens AMA discussion on reddit

Ever wanted to ask what really goes on at Microsoft to a softie? Want to know about some random bytes of code inside Windows? Want to know who really killed Microsoft Bob? Well, here’s your chance!

Ask him about anything from life at Microsoft to questions on their product and business strategies. As he puts it, he will try to answer them without getting fired :P

I worked on Vista and Windows 7, and will also be working on Windows 8. Ask me anything you want about the company, culture, lifestyle, seattle, products, etc. and I'll answer the best

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Dell Win7 x64 sound driver updates cause system freeze

I noticed that Dell had finally released updates for some of their drivers on their support site for a Dell Studio XPS 1640 on Windows 7 x64. I immediately started downloading them and after a reboot noticed that the update for IDT sound driver causes a freeze in any application trying to do anything related to sound. No updates on their track pad drivers it is so we continue to use Windows Vista drivers.

Speaking of IDT drivers causing serious woes, I would suggest to every Dell Studio XPS 1640 user planning to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7

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