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Free WiFi antenna booster

If you suffer from reception issues on your WiFi connection and would like a boost to your router/access point, you should try out this easy tutorial I read online. It’s free and really simple on following up. All you need is some aluminium foil, card board, glue for sticking stuff and a scissor/blade for some cutting.

It’s so easy (and cheap) to build, it would be silly not to try it out before considering actually paying for a booster on your WiFi router.

I suggest you go check out the Ez-10 Corner Reflector. I found it thanks to this video on YouTube :)

I don’t really need it but considering the minimal effort required, I will try it out and see how useful it is. If you do so, drop in a word ;)

Created: 2nd October 2010
Categories: Hacks, Tutorials
Tags: Booster, Ez-10, Free, Tutorial, WiFi