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Removing file extensions

A problem I’ve faced quite a few times is having a folder full of files with a padded extension that needs to be removed before I can use the files. This often happens because I have uTorrent set up for having the extension “.!ut” for files which are not downloaded.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, sometimes on old torrents, files are all marked with that extension even though I know they are completed. It’s easy to rename all files when there are 10 of them. For torrents with 100+ files, it gets a lot more tedious.

In comes my laziness! Let’s write a batch file to rename files for me. :) Reusability++; Folks in a similar dilemma can try this batch file.

for /f "delims==" %%F in ('dir /b *.**!ut**') do ren "%%~nxF" "%%~nF"

No inputs required. Paste this line in notepad and save it as a .bat file (not a .txt file :) though you might be tempted to do so :P). Double click the batch file and voila! All files will have !ut removed from their extension.

Created: 9th July 2011
Categories: Hacks, Tutorials
Tags: Automate, Batch File, Script