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Converting FAT32 disks to NTFS

There used to be a slightly long way to do this earlier but I found a simple one line command to do it. It is probably old but it’s one I didn’t know of.

convert L: /fs:NTFS

This converts L: to NTFS without removing any data from the drive. This process, all in all, requires less than 3 seconds.

File list generator v1.3

I noticed that my old file list generator page didn’t have a valid link any more. Since I’d go through and upload it again, I guess it would be worth it to add some minor documentation and make the path variable optional as well :)

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Soccer Scraper v1 Source on GitHub!

Oh yes, it’s time I started uploading some of my old code to github. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. For those unaware, I use Soccer Scraper to quickly view Manchester United’s schedule in IST. The base source code (circa 2008+minor fixes) is now on GitHub.

There are tons of things that need to be made configurable but first, I’d rather finish the SMS code that I had partly developed a while back along with the functional e-mail notification script. The only issue with the SMS functionality code is that it’s not stable since I scrape data onto

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Back to blogging!

I realize that over the past 3 and a half years I haven’t blogged as much as I used it. It’s not because I had nothing to say but was mainly because most things I had worked on were things I wasn’t allowed to talk about in public (thanks to NDAs and policies I needed to abide by). Since then, I’ve moved out of my previous organization and shall soon start working at a new place. Though the NDAs will continue, I am still allowed to pass along general learnings, which I’m keen to do.

More posts, coming soon!

Unable to buy anything on XBox 360 and login to xbox.com

If you’re having issues buying anything on XBox 360 and doesn’t even let you login to xbox.com and it keeps kicking you out, there is a chance that one of the credit cards you have stored on record is invalid.

If you read the XBox help on how to remove a payment option, they ask you to go to “Payment & Billing” and this site won’t be accessible either.

Your best bet is to go to commerce.microsoft.com and then to their “payment options” page. Here, you will see your credit card. Click on it and click remove. Add a new

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Movement to Bumblebee

I finally took the time out to move away from shared hosting into my own server. It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here! I hope this will stop issues for Wordpress caused by shared hosting. If it doesn’t, it’s out with Wordpress :)

I ported over data and my database after cleaning up the infections. I have, however lost some of the uploaded images from my past posts so any issues there are regretted :( These images are gone from my Dreamhost server and hence can’t be ported over.. oh well :’(

Thanks once again to those

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Make a bootable Universal Flash Drive

This is a really old trick for Universal Flash Drives (UFDs) and I’ve been using it for years. I just thought I should document the steps so it’s available as quick reference for me :)

  1. Insert your UFD and make sure all your data is backed up because we’re going to format it.

  2. Run command prompt

  3. Open diskpart (will ask for elevation)

  4. Type “list disk”

  5. find what disk is your USB based on the size. Mine is number 3.

  6. type “select disk 3” (where 3 is the number

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HTC Incredible S - Fix for Bootloader saying "Security Warning"

I had this infamous issue where I was stuck with my phone unable to boot for 2 days. I documented everything I learnt so others might find it helpful and as usual, it’s on XDA for all nicey goodness :)

You would want to read this post either because you have already seen this issue and want a fix or haven’t seen the issue yet and want to avoid it. This tutorial has information on how to fix the bootloader Security Warning issue and how to avoid it.


Fix for Chrome redirecting to URL when opening a new tab

I was helping a friend fix his hacked site when I had to disable ESET to check where his injected code was (because the website ran an img iframe hack to download a trojan on the user’s machines). I found the issue and told him what to do but had my own machine infected in the mean while :(

Chrome kept redirecting me to his website when I opened a new tab (which thankfully Chrome kept warning me was a malicious page). If I kept a tab open with his site, it wouldn’t redirect me again. The problem was localized

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Rooting HTC Incredible S with Revolutionary

AlphaRevX totally revolutionized the S-Off scene for HTCs everywhere a few months back. I wrote a bunch of posts on XDA-Dev which showed people how to use it. But AlphaRevX doesn’t work on all software versions. One such version was 2.30.x which I was stuck on. I can now confirm that Revolutionary (formed by team unrevoked and team AlphaRev) does work on this version too. Really simple to use.

  1. Go to revolutionary.io and download revolutionary for your OS (Windows/Linux)

  2. Enter the details they request for to get your beta key. It’s pretty straight forward. You

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