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Eclipse Plugin Development: Attaching Sources

As a developer, I like to look at the source code for the libraries I use in order to understand if what I am doing is the best way to implement it or not. Though Eclipse, by default, comes with features to develop plugins, it doesn’t come with the source code for this. Getting the source is a simple, 3 step process!

  • Help > Install new Software

  • Work with ‘The Eclipse Project Updates’ (not the main site!)

  • Install the following items

    • Eclipse RCP Plug-in Developer Resources

    • Eclipse PDE Plug-in Developer Resources

    • Eclipse Platform Plug-in Developer Resources

    • Equinox p2 Core Function Source

    • Eclipse JDT Plug-in Developer Resources

Welcome to the source, Neo!

Updated (29/11/2013): More source projects added! Seems there is a nice StackOverflow question on the same (which doesn’t have an answer which meets my satisfaction). I’ll keep my post in sync with my answer on StackOverflow.

Created: 8th October 2013
Category: Tutorials
Tags: eclipse, plugin development, rcp, source code