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Movement to Cybershark

I had been procrastinating movement to a dev-ops style Chef deployment for my servers to ease it’s management because of the age old “If it ain’t broke..”. Well, upgrades on Bumblebee were getting more expensive so I finally decided to take the leap. I introduce the trion cookbook that I’m using to setup my servers.

I also realized that Kimsufi came up with cheaper servers (now as low as €4.99). Without automation to setup my servers, the thought of migration and building another snowflake server scares me purely because of it’s frailty. No more.

I’ve now officially moved to my new server, Cybershark!

I have made it a point not to have PHP on this server. It’s time to stop my dependency on it. Good bye Wordpress. Welcome Octopress. Good bye Soccer Scraper. Google Now will do fine :)

This means some of the internal dependencies I had (such as PHP mailers) needs to now be moved to another technology. Hello Node.JS. I think we might be good friends :)

Created: 28th November 2015
Category: Events
Tags: news, servers