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Soccer Scraper

Though today we have Google Now and a million other services to remind us when our favourite sports team (in my case, Manchester United) is playing, I remember a time (circa 2005) when achieving this wasn't that straight forward. At the time, opening a web page on a 40 kbit/s connection took forever and finding out when United's next match is was painful. Writing a scraper to get the information off the official Manchester United website seems so much simpler :)

Current features:

  • Year wide schedule for Manchester United with times in IST.
  • Statistics
  • Results cached every 15 minutes.
  • Data available (on request) as a consumable XML. (No charges, just ask for the XML location)
  • Output in clean HTML table, quick to load and easy to view (if you want to scrape data off my page, it's easier to ask for the XML :))
  • Open source code!


Source Code on GitHub

Please leave a commend and I'd be happy to answer any questions. This project is no longer supported.