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Desktoppr Downloader v1.0

I recently found Desktoppr, a service which has an insane number of curated wallpapers. What’s even better is that they come with an easy to consume API.

To fulfil my insatiable need for good high resolution wallpapers, I wrote a script to go through the thousands of pages of images they have, find the ones that are “right for my desktop” and download them. I define “right for my desktop” as being at least the same resolution as mine and if higher then the same aspect ratio. If your’s is the same, feel free to use this script to download tons of wallpapers.

Desktoppr Downloader is now available on GitHub


  • Read Resolution for machine

  • Support Multiple Monitors

  • Make program initialization interactive/parameter based

  • Image duplication is decided by file name. Attempt to use file hashes for this (I’ve contacted the Desktoppr team to check if this can be added in the API)

Update: The Desktoppr Downloader project now has it’s own page!

Update 2: The destoppr downloader page no longer exists. The code is still accessible from Github.

Created: 2nd October 2014
Category: Development
Tags: GitHub, Open Source, api, desktoppr, python