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ThoughtWorks Welcome Video

I usually don’t post much about work but this is something I’ve never done before and would like to remember for a long time. I joined ThoughtWorks early August 2014 and by the end of it 8 of us had joined the Pune office in the month. We got together to create a video to introduce ourselves to the ThoughtWorkers in Pune (not that there weren’t mails floated with our pictures, a jazzy 3-4 line intro and tons of talking to people around the office). I’m not sure if anything of the sort has been done in the Pune office but we certainly got a nice response to the video.

Thanks to Anuja and Chirag for getting us to do a video and a special thanks to all the crazy folks around me (everyone in the video) who contributed to the making of this video from ideation to execution ;)


Created: 12th September 2014
Category: Events
Tags: ThoughtWorks, Video, newbie