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Karun AB, that's me!

It’s been almost a year now since I bought the domain http://karun.me and a few months back I decided to put in some of my free time to put something up there. The domain, being named what it is, makes sense to house things about who this mythical Karun is and what he does. Seems he mostly does code for random organizations and at times is allowed to talk a bit about it :P So that’s what the website tells you! He also seems to take some photographs so the website helps show that off as well.

So, anyone who’s interested in knowing who Karun AB is can visit the new portfolio website http://karun.me.

All photographs sourced there have been taken from me. No stock photos. The website is mobile friendly but isn’t too friendly on bandwidth. Please consider loading it when connected to a non-bandwidth limited connection or if you don’t mind the bill ;)

I’d be happy to hear feedback :) My contact information (and resume) are right in there :)

Created: 24th April 2014
Category: News
Tags: portfolio, resume, website