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Rooting HTC Incredible S with Revolutionary

AlphaRevX totally revolutionized the S-Off scene for HTCs everywhere a few months back. I wrote a bunch of posts on XDA-Dev which showed people how to use it. But AlphaRevX doesn’t work on all software versions. One such version was 2.30.x which I was stuck on. I can now confirm that Revolutionary (formed by team unrevoked and team AlphaRev) does work on this version too. Really simple to use.

  1. Go to revolutionary.io and download revolutionary for your OS (Windows/Linux)

  2. Enter the details they request for to get your beta key. It’s pretty straight forward. You should know your phone version. Your HBoot version is available by you switching off your phone > turning it on with vol down pressed. Your Serial number is on your phone box/behind the battery.

  3. Turn off fastboot for your phone

  4. Turn on developer mode for your phone

  5. Make sure you have HTC Sync drivers but no HTC Sync i.e. install HTC Sync and then uninstall the software leaving the drivers on your system

  6. Connect your phone to your PC and run revolutionary.exe on your phone

  7. Enter your beta key and enjoy ;)

The reason why AlphaRevX didn’t work for some versions was because HTC patched GingerBreak which is what AlphaRevX used to get temp root then run it’s magic before giving you S-Off.

Take that HTC!

Created: 15th August 2011
Categories: Development, Hacks, Tutorials
Tags: Android, HTC, HTC Incredible S, Root, S-Off