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Anonymous Microsoft Developer opens AMA discussion on reddit

Ever wanted to ask what really goes on at Microsoft to a softie? Want to know about some random bytes of code inside Windows? Want to know who really killed Microsoft Bob? Well, here’s your chance!

Ask him about anything from life at Microsoft to questions on their product and business strategies. As he puts it, he will try to answer them without getting fired :P

I worked on Vista and Windows 7, and will also be working on Windows 8. Ask me anything you want about the company, culture, lifestyle, seattle, products, etc. and I'll answer the best I can without getting fired.

He has put up some info for students looking at becoming Interns at Redmond. Most of it is the same stuff you’d read around the internet but here’s something I read for the first time and I must say, I agree with especially since this was how I got my trip to Redmond ;)

Also, there is one other way you can consider to try to get an internship. The [Imagine Cup](http://imaginecup.com/) is a competition that Microsoft hosts for students. In the past, top ranked students from each region have been flown out for interviews at Redmond, skipping the whole screening process. I can't promise that they will continue to do this, but if I ever saw a student who placed well in the imagine cup, I would definitely see it as being very positive.

I must say, the guy is brave. I think its a good move. There are a lot of misconceptions about Microsoft as a company. It isn’t (all) evil :P I wish I knew he was. I’d certainly like to meet him and have a chat :) If DrinkingKoolAid ever reads this (chances are surely slim), get in touch with me. The first round’s on me!

Created: 14th September 2009
Category: News
Tags: AMA, Microsoft, reddit