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The power of the Windows key!

The Windows key might have started as something a tad bit redundant (considering Ctrl+Esc does the same thing) but the Windows Key is so much more.

I have already spoken about the Win+(1-9) to activate programs in Vista’s Quick Launch Toolbar and its transition to taskbar applications in Windows 7. Of course, everyone knows about Win+Tab activating Aero Flip 3D but there is more to this.

Here is one that really strikes me as super-useful. On Windows 7, you can now use Win+Up to maximize a window, Win+Down to restore a maximized window and minimize a restored one, Win+Left/Right to Aero Snap it to the left/right of the screen. Keyboard warriors such as myself are going to love this! :)

I’ve already fallen head over heals for Aero Snap on my 1080p laptop monitor. It kind of makes up for my need for dual monitors. Aero snapping with the laptop track pad was a tad bit inconvenient. Issue no more! :)

Here’s a list of Win shortcuts I can think of which work in Windows 7. I have found that a lot of keyboard warriors don’t know quite a few shortcuts. Sharing always helps ;)

  • Win: Open/Close Start Menu

  • Win+F: Windows Search

  • Win+Tab: Aero Flip

  • Win+Up: Maximize a restored window

  • Win+Down: Restore a maximized window or minimize a restored window

  • Win+Left: Aero Snap to the left of the screen

  • Win+Right: Aero Snap to the right of the screen

  • Win+D: Show desktop (Forced)

  • Win+M: Minimize all windows

  • Win+M+Shift: Restore windows after Minimizing all of them

  • Win+(1-9): Activate Window from task bar

  • Win+X: Open Windows Mobility Center (Non Desktops only)

  • Win+L: Lock Desktop

  • Win+Space: Show sidebar (in Vista); Possibly doing the same in Windows 7 (different Sidebar functionality in 7)

  • Win+E: Open My Computer

  • Win+B: Jump control to (select) Notification Area (System Tray)

  • Win+Pause/Break: Open System Properties

  • Win+P: Computer Projection modes

  • Win+F1: Open Windows Help and Support

  • Win+R: Open Run Dialog

  • Win+Shift+Left/Right: Move to the monitor to the left/right of the screen (circular; for multi-monitor systems)

Created: 23rd May 2009
Category: Hacks
Tags: Windows 7, keyboard, shortcuts