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Hard resetting the Wizard

The term “Wizard” refers to the HTC Wizard which is a Windows Mobile sold by companies like I-Mate and O2.

Now the manual simply states that one should press the communications and voice buttons simultaneously and then press the reset key with your stylus. Well I can say honestly, that didn’t work for me.

Here is how you can really hard reset your HTC Wizard. I personally was using my I-Mate K-JAM. Before reading the following, make sure you read the warnings given below and the disclaimer while you’re at it.

  1. Take your stylus and press and hold the reset key that you use for soft resetting. Don’t press the key. Hold it, as in keep it pressed.
  2. Then press the voice and comm buttons simultaneously and keep them pressed.
  3. You can let go of the (soft) reset key now. Wait for the confirmation message on the screen which will instruct you to press the send key (left soft key) to reset.

That’s it! You just successfully hard resetted your Windows Mobile 5.0 device.

Now you ask, why? Why would I want to hard reset my device? Hmm.. Maybe you’re selling off your device and don’t want to give the person any of your data. A hard reset puts everything back to the factory settings. Alternately, maybe you just forgot your phone password and can’t find a way in. You never know :P

Warning: Hard resetting leads to deleting of all data on the main memory in devices running on windows mobile 5.0 and even the data on the memory card for windows mobile 6.0 I didn’t risk it. I removed my mini-SD card while doing so :P

Disclaimer: Though this method does only what I told you it does (hard resets your devideAs usual, I am not responsible for any kind of harm, damage or loss that might arise out of using this information. Use it at your own risk

Created: 29th March 2007
Category: Hacks
Tag: Windows Mobile