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The Vista Experience

I’m on Windows Vista Ultimate right now and here is what I feel. Its a really good OS since it performs quite well if you have a good box like mine (good being an understatement to most). But the problem is its extremely freakishly irritating rights system. I haven’t really looked around that much but I hate it when i have to confirm every rename 3 times. One for some permissions system and one whether I should allow this action by an “Unauthorized user” I hope they have a setting saying “Allow the administrator to do what he wants” because this is getting out of hand ¬¬.

Oh yes, the backup option in the disc backed up my Adobe settings but not my mIRC settings meaning I’m script-less :( All those weeks of work developing scripts to make my mIRC perfectly suited to my needs for nothing! I have to do it all from scratch. That’s the thing I’m most pissed at.

Despite all that, its an OS that I would like to use if MS doesn’t screw it up with its monthly changes in WGA type systems.


Veteran Microsoft reporter Paul Thurrott agreed, contending at the time that the implementation of UAC in Vista build 5342 is a “sad, sad joke” given the number of dialog boxes that one must wade through to do simple tasks.

However, Thurrott appears to have retracted those comments, claiming in his Windows Vista Beta 2 review, that UAC had been “completely overhauled” and is “less annoying,” although he acknowledges that Microsoft is “still struggling to find a balance between security and annoyance.”

Looks like I’m not alone ;) Thank you Wikipedia!

Created: 27th December 2006
Category: Review
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