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Uptime Challenge

There is a Plus! scripting competition going on that the entire community knows about. With t-shirts for all participants, there have been over 70 entries in 3 weeks. There are only 4 days to go so despite my exams, here is my shot at the competition.

I don’t want to give away much right now but all I can say is its a project that uses JavaScript, Delphi, PHP and mySQL. I don’t think any other script uses all 4 so far. Of course I have my favourite Boca Juniors fan doing the Delphi hax.

Soon you shall see the update on the dev page. But for now, its over and out.

Update: The script was uploaded just in time for the competition. Go check it out ;)

Update (14/07/2011): This script is no longer supported. All the server side code has been managed out.

Created: 16th December 2006
Category: Development
Tags: Delphi, PHP, Plus!, UpC