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New beginnings

Here it is, the launch of my new site. What is to come, you shall see. I’ve been working on this despite my exams going on cause i wanted to complete this project. I’ve wanted to do this forever now.

Thanks to dt and segosa for their help over the past few days. I may add a new interface but I’d like to keep this one for now, its my first creation from scratch. It will stay at least till the end of exams.

This is going to be different from Jatonian Life How exactly, you ask? Wait and find out ;) I have great things planned for j@x. Yeah I do need to add rss support. Apart from that and a few repeated calls, I’d say this blog is pretty streamlined. At 12.8 KB (13,151 bytes) including the installer, I’d say its pretty impressive for my first project. I think optimisation could bring it to around 11kb but lets leave that for a rainy day.

Created: 27th November 2006
Category: Development
Tags: PHP, jax