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Hi there stranger!

I'm Karun Japhet and this is my devlog for all the weird things I do on the computer that randomers in the distant future might be interested in :) Essentially this site keeps track of all the technical work I do myself (I try to keep group projects out of here as much as possible :P) Hopefully someday the list will grow large. You might notice that I also post a lot about small scripts or utility commands on Windows/Linux that I often talk about. The reason is that I'd like to have them noted down for future reference :) Makes them easier to find ;)

It is true that this used to be the home of my custom CMS ([email protected]) but due to lack of time to develop it further, I decided to move to an off the shelf system (WordPress) at least for the near¬†foreseeable future. Towards the end of 2015, this blog was moved to Octopress.

Feel free to catch up with me on Twitter or Facebook ;) Did you check out my portfolio page yet?

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