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Windows 7: A second look

I’ve had a bit of reprieve from work here and I finally got some time to install Windows 7 on my laptop. Though my desktop has had the latest builds available to me, they have all been on a test drive. My laptop however had to wait until I was done with my academic work before it could move permanently to Windows 7 and afford any issues that might come its way.

So here are a few things I’ve found interesting in Windows 7 that should make your Windows 7 User eXperience a lot more enjoyable.

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Checking out Windows 7 Build 7077

I admit, its not a public build but I really couldn’t help myself so I got hold of a copy off a public torrent and here I am. I’ve had Windows 7 discs and keys around for a couple of months now but I never really got time to install them. Finally, I queued up the latest build a couple of nights ago and FINALLY it completed downloading.

Needless to say the new taskbar is pretty cool. I do have a few suggestions though.

  1. Aero Snap for minimization: Aero Snap provides us with a set area on the

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Dell Studio XPS 1640 Issues

Once upon a time, not too far long ago, I got a Dell Studio XPS 1640. I found that the laptop was great. I knew before I got it that it had a slight heating problem so ever since I got it, I would give it some cooling space. The performance on this machine was simply amazing but I had a few issues. Here are the issues I had:

  1. Didn’t receive any Intel Centrino 2 and Microsoft Windows Vista labels.

  2. Bottom (access) panel wasn’t correctly fit in.

  3. Left hinge on my laptop was incorrectly

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[Release] RSWC 1.00

My new laptop is a work box and doesn’t inherit the obsessive compulsiveness of File naming and sorting that my desktop hard disks have. I have, for this reason, dumped all wallpapers which are applicable to be used with my desktop (wallpapers with aspect ratio 16:9) into my “My Pictures” folder. Randomly, I have an urge to change the wallpaper and I really don’t want to go select one. So I thought I should have something that would change my wallpaper to a random image. I tried finding something but most such applications were installables and would change the wallpapers

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Apple Wheel: Is this meant to be a joke?

First of all, I should say, the only source I have is this youtube video.

Apple wheel is a “revolutionary” laptop with no keyboard, just a giant scroll wheel :| I kid you not, that’s what it says :-/

The guy in that video apparently took 45 minutes to type a mail (with a million mistakes) and he still likes the product… jeez. I like write a few hundred lines of code in that time :|

Me and SK call this Apple’s Reality Distortion Field. This is single handedly the shittiest technological innovation I have seen in my

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Windows 7 Public Beta Serial Key Fiasco

Earlier today at CES 2009, Microsoft announced that they would release 2.5 million copies of Windows 7 for public beta (build 7000) which came out around 25th December, 2008 for all those lucky people who have MSDN subscriptions. The plan was to release the ISO around 12 CET and a page to release 2.5 million keys but here’s what happened.

12 CET - Nothing’s up on TechNet :( 12.30 CET - A statement stating the site is ill equipped for the load and things are being “set up”.. sure I’d buy that :P 13.30 CET - Start download from

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Chrome Tips

Custom Search Engine

Right click the address bar and click Edit search engine. Click add, fill in a name and a keyword followed by the search query. For adding the Messenger Plus Forum Search engine I used the name as “Messenger Plus! Forum Search” (doesn’t really matter what you use here), the keyword as “mpf” and the url as “http://msghelp.net/basicsearch.php?do=search&keywords=%s” where %s represents the search query entered. As a result of adding this, I can now search the MP!F simply by typing “mpf “. I love search shortcuts :)

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Browser Tryouts: Google Chrome

Having heard all the rage about Google Chrome, I decided to try it out this Friday morning before leaving for college. What’s this I see? An online install? Of course it doesn’t mean much to people who have connections which can download the 7.3MB installer in a few seconds but for others, its a bit more arduous. Here’s a direct download link to the Google Chrome installer for others like me who have connections which are as slow as if not slower than broadband ;) To download the full Google Chrome Installer (7.3 MB) click here.

Chrome is Google’s

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Customising your iPod

Every gadget I’ve owned to this day has been personalised. Its just something I have to do (if the hacks make the device better). I’ve done it so far with my i-Mate KJAM (custom ROMs for WM5 and WM6 and even cooking some up once in a while), my brother’s PSP and my computer (that counts too, doesn’t it? :P) among others.But when my brother came home last month, he exchanged the 2nd hand 30 GB iPod (5.5 Generation; Black) that he had.

I had always heard of the legend that is the iPod but never actually used it, believe

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Team SKAN: Enpower

Its been a long road going through the SDI National Finals where we came second, going to IIM-A where we got project incubation and then finally to the World Finals where we won the interoperability award. Along the way, we made lots of new friends and learned a whole lot more.

Here are a few related posts on my blog: Imagine Cup 2008 World Finals and Imagine Cup 2008 Gallery. Be sure to check out the latter post which has never before seen footage.

Another announcement to be made is that the development for

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