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Android terminologies

For a first time Android user looking to customize his phone, XDA-Dev can be filled with a lot of jargon. Hope this helps users understand at least a part of it.

Bootloader a.k.a HBoot

This is the piece of software that runs before anything else on the phone. It basically packages it all up, tells what to run in what order etc. Every computer device has a bootloader in some form or another, be it an Android Phone, iPhone, Windows PC, iMac etc. The HBoot is accessible by switching your phone off, then holding down volume down as you

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Recursively delete files from a folder in Windows

This is something one might need to do regularly. I need to because wget often creates multiple [email protected]* files despite being set up not to (my GUI for wget might forget configs.. who knows?)

I’m left with a couple of hundred folders with 6 html files each which to me is quite irritating. So here’s a simple command to delete files in Windows recursively.

del /S [email protected]*

**Change the “[email protected]*” part to anything else you might want. Obviously, wild cards are valid. Have fun and be careful! :)

Free Spotify Premium for a month

This is more like an extension for my last post. When you register yourself on Klout and have a look at the spotify perks, you will be given a unique link. Share this with your friends and get 5 of them to register to klout.

Voila! Free Spotify Premium code for you! :-D

Creating your Spotify Account in a blocked country

For those of you who don’t know what Spotify is, it’s a great music streaming site which allows free streaming to your PC and great streaming/offline music play on your mobile device.

So, have you been waiting years to create your Spotify account? Here’s a way to easily get a free spotify invite and register yourself:

  1. Click this link to get your invite. This facility is only available to Klout users so all you have to do is sign in with your Twitter/Facebook account and you’ll be good to go! (Alternately you can comment here with your proper

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Reloading Unix/Linux Profiles

Here’s something small but interesting and useful I learnt today. Often times, I update my linux profile so that I can have aliases to work with on my server. Problem is that the profile is only loaded when you login so, in normal circumstances, you would have to relogin to have your profile loaded. Now that’s a pain!

An easier solution (which works at least on bash) is to do this:

source .bash_profile

It’s something so simple and yet so powerful! I’ve heard that for KSH, you would need to simply invoke the profile file name and it would be

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Removing file extensions

A problem I’ve faced quite a few times is having a folder full of files with a padded extension that needs to be removed before I can use the files. This often happens because I have uTorrent set up for having the extension “.!ut” for files which are not downloaded.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, sometimes on old torrents, files are all marked with that extension even though I know they are completed. It’s easy to rename all files when there are 10 of them. For torrents with 100+ files, it gets a lot more tedious.

In comes my laziness!

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HTC Incredible S, from Stock to Custom ROMs with Root and customizations

I’ve been dabbling around a lot with Android customizations from my HTC Incredible S which I recently took from HTC’s India ROM to Android Revolution HD ;) Along the way, I S-Offed my phone and rooted it as well.

If you’re wondering how to how to do this transition or having issues using AlphaRevX, feel free to read up my extremely long writeup of this process on the XDA-Developers forum which has given so much to so many ;)

The tutorial takes you from your HTC Sense default ROM on your HTC Incredible S to S-Offing your phone, getting recovery

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Getting Sony Vaio VGN-CR35G/R's Ricoh MotionEye USB r5u870 Web Camera working on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

It’s been a while since my laptop (a Sony Vaio VGN-CR35G/R) has been running Ubuntu and yesterday, I updated my OS to the release candidate for Ubuntu’s latest OS (due to release in 7 days time; 10-10-2010 ;)) 10.10 codenamed Maverick Meerkat. It’s been irritating me for a while that I didn’t have support for the inbuilt web camera for this laptop (which is one of Ricoh’s MotionEye USB cameras; model r5u870).

I had tried looking for drivers a couple of times prior to this but always failed. Finally, I found a package that supports Ricoh’s r5u87x series and the

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Free WiFi antenna booster

If you suffer from reception issues on your WiFi connection and would like a boost to your router/access point, you should try out this easy tutorial I read online. It’s free and really simple on following up. All you need is some aluminium foil, card board, glue for sticking stuff and a scissor/blade for some cutting.

It’s so easy (and cheap) to build, it would be silly not to try it out before considering actually paying for a booster on your WiFi router.

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